Conditional Grant Scheme

Project Overview

The 2007 Conditional Grants Scheme formulated by the Federal Government of Nigeria is designed as the vehicle through which savings made from the Debit Relief will be expended on projects that support our Nation’s quest for the actualization of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGS). Under the 2007 scheme, the projects are narrowed down to focus on:

  1. Primary Heath care-related projects and programmes that support child and maternity health.
  2. Rural waterrification projects that provide solar power to rural households, local schools and primary health care centres.
  3. Rural water supply and sanitation projects located close to, and impacting local primary schools and health clinics.
  4. Projects that support and encourage Public – Private Partnerships in the health, water and education sectors.

In the light of the above, the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) has in conjunction with the Area Council Authorities received the approval of the MDG office (Presidency) to undertake these programmes:

  1. Provision of Basic Clinic Equipment for Maternal and Child Health Care in Fifty five (55) Health Facilities.
  2. Solar powered motorized borehole with connection to Health Facility in the Fifty five (55) Community Water Supply Schemes.
  3. Provision of insecticide treated Bed nets for children less than one (1) year old and Pregnant Women utilizing the Area Councils’ available services.
  4. Scaling up routine Immunization services with Community linkages ( reaching every ward strategy)
  5. Construction of solar powered potable water supply to various primary schools within the six Area Councils(230 Units)
  6. Construction of Four(4) compartments ventilated improved pit latrines within the 6 Area Councils of the FCT (230 units).

All projects are in line with the aspiration and yearnings of the NEEDS, FEEDS and LEEDS programme of the FCTA.